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We are KROWD

We enable you to monetize your content!


Artists and creators want to be free to express themselves, and should have the freedom to decide (how) to earn money with their content. They should not have to be dependent on a venue, manager or platform.

With YouTube earnings declining and the remittance costs for tickets sold on platforms like Twitch are unclear, there is a growing need for a platform that is transparent. A platform where you - the creator / artist - are in control, and manage your own content and earnings.

Our platform provides the connection between you and your audience. Not only do we make it easy for you to reach your audience but we also enable you to multiply your income. We do not discriminate and believe that content can be broadcast in any form (as long as it is legal).

Our mission

"The tool for creators to monetize their content by sharing it securely and easily with their audience"

Who we are

KROWD was founded by Evert Fila and Joey Claessen. Evert is an entrepreneur pur sang, as evidenced by his extensive experience in setting up companies at home and abroad. He is able to see opportunities and possibilities and then convert them into successful business cases. Evert approaches every market and every challenge with positive energy and commercial enthusiasm.

Joey studied Computer Science with a master's degree in Business Information Systems. He thinks that the combination between business and technology is the best thing in the profession. It’s all about understanding the customer and developing what he needs, instead of developing what is asked. He is able to build a team, with each individual on the right spot, to achieve the best possible result.

Evert Fila

Managing partner and co-founder

Joey Claessen

Developer and co-founder

Our goal

KROWD is not (just) another broadcasting platform to reach an audience. KROWD is a tool that enables you to monetize your content. Our main goal is enabling creators and artists to monetize their content. We want to develop a scalable product in which many people can earn some extra money.

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