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Earn extra revenue from your content

KROWD is the easiest way to monetize your online content, no difficult processes, hidden fees, or complex onboardings.

Power to the creator

Monetizing your content is difficult. KROWD helps you to make money with your digital content through livestreams. We ensure that our technology perfectly matches your content.


A visual calendar to tell you which events are happening and how they've performed so far. This way, you're always up to speed.


Plug in your favorite streaming software at the push of a button, adjust the camera and you're ready for airtime.

Sell multiple tickets

Create several special, specific bonus items for your live event. Adjust the price, availability and unique bonuses. You can even create early bird tickets.

Available on all devices

Your viewers can watch your streams from their favorite device, be it a smartphone, tablet, PC, laptop or TV.

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A session enables you to engage and monetize your interactive conversation with others. Start a Q&A, have a fun 1 on 1 or teach someone how to play the guitar and get paid at the same time.

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If you can stream it, you are a creator

Whether you want to host a baking class or a fifteen-act musical show, as long as it's legal - we'll allow it. KROWD enables you to monetize your content with a simple pay-per-view model and earn cash for the content that you create.

One link, no freeloaders

Every ticket sold is tied to a unique URL to watch the stream, which enables someone to watch your stream on only one device at a the time. Scheduling and selling your streams is ridiculously easy, just create an account and start setting up your stream.

Try it now. It takes 30 seconds to get started.

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Your stream, your income

At KROWD, you only pay a small fee per ticket sold, which is €2.00 plus €0.30 per hour the stream takes (ex VAT), and the transaction cost per payment.

How big is your fan base?
How much is a ticket to your event?

We expect you to earn between   and   per live stream.

Estimates based on a conversion rate of respectively 5% and 8% of your followers, a stream of one hour and (VAT included). Costs are automatically deducted from your profits, so you don't have to pay up front.

Sell your content in a couple of clicks

It's very easy to create a stream and share a link. You can easily monetize your content and share it with your audience.

It’s your show

With KROWD, you can stream your content directly to your audience. We do not promote your show or interfere with advertising or in any other way. You are completely in control!

Our mission

"The tool for creators to monetize their content by sharing it securely and easily with their audience"